How the dream started…

Having traveled the world and selecting to settle in the Scottish highlands I discovered there was a wealth of opportunity in the creative industry.

My experience in the creative industry is very diverse starting from years of experience in dance theatre choreography, Creative and art directory and international stylist creations over many years.

After extensive market research and over 3 years of networking and collaborating with top Designers, as well as attending London Fashion Week and Graduate Fashion Week, I was able to build the gap and create demand for the next top modals and new faces from the Scottish Highlands.

During this process, we have supported local talent such as Photographers,hair dressers and make-up artists, creating a top Fashion Agency in the Highlands.

The birth of the agency has come about purely because of the huge interest I had in myself when I arrived to the highlands and was constantly requested to model or be photographed because I was different.

I then looked into agencies up in the area and there was none. Being a single parent at the time living in a different city was not an option so I declined all the agencies offers and proceeded to prove that yes we can do it in the highlands and yes we can travel to location easily from the highlands.

With the increase in flights to London we can connect to the world of fashion every single day. So here we are welcome to our world of beautiful models and beautiful scenery with amazing creative people ready to show the world what world class standards have been tucked away undiscovered for many years…..

We welcome you all on our journey to success in the world of fashion…